Replace all variables in < > with the correct values, variables in [ ] are optional.


Command Effect
/dt dismount Dismounts you from the dragon.
/dt sethome Set your dragon’s home.
/dt ptoggle Toggles whether you allow player-travels to you or not.


Command Effect
/dt travel <stationname> Takes you to the specified station.
/dt ctravel <x> <y> <z> [world] Takes you to the specified location.
/dt ptravel <playername> Takes you to the specified player.
/dt home Takes you to your dragon’s home.
/dt fhome Takes you to your faction’s home (requires Factions)
/dt tspawn Takes you to your town’s spawn (requires Towny)
/dt showstats Opens a list of all available stations.


Command Effect
/dt flight <flightname> [player] Takes you (or the given player) on the specified Flight.
/dt showflights Opens a list of all available flights.
/dt showflight <flightname> Shows a list of the flight’s waypoints.


Command Effect
/dt addstatdragon <name> [displayname] Creates a stationary dragon (with the specified name and the optionally specified different displayname) at the player’s position
/dt remstatdragon <name> Removes a stationary dragon (with the specified name)
/dt setstat <stationname> Sets a new station with the specified name at your current location.
/dt remstat <playername> Removes the station with the specified name.
/dt remdragons Removes all dragons without riders (except stationary dragons)
/dt rembugdragon Temporary workaround for buggy dragons without riders. Removes the enderdragon with the shortest distance to you (within a 10 block radius).
/dt createflight <flightname> Creates a flight with the specified name and puts you into the flight-creation mode
/dt setwp Sets a new waypoint (only works in flight-creation mode)
/dt remlastwp Removes the most recently set waypoint (only works in flight-creation mode).
/dt saveflight Saves the currently edited flight and ends the flight-creation mode.
/dt remflight <flightname> Removes the flightwith the specified name.